Wednesday, 8 November 2017

Anna's 10th Birthday Celebration.

One Red Dog.

 Lights flashed. Cars roared. All the sounds of an evening Wellington metropolis echoed through my body as I sat next to Elliott, endlessly chatting about life. It was the 12th of August, my tenth birthday and we were headed to One Red Dog (the world’s best restaurant) to celebrate with and elaborate dinner of pizzas.
 Elliott, dad and I pulled up outside a closed shop to wait for Clare, Olivia and mum. Me and Elliott stood on a low wall and started trying to guess what food we would order. “I predict that I shall purchase a raspberry spider!” I proclaimed with one hand on my hip and the other pointing to the stars. We both collapsed in a fit of laughter.
   Finally Clare, Olivia and mum arrived. Elliott and I hopped of the wall and started to walk to One Red Dog. On the way we ran into the “magical scaffold walkway of destiny”, as I called it. We ran across it, making it sound like Zeus was very angry. It was a very long scaffold walkway, but we didn’t mind. I did a huge jump that sounded like thunder echoing down the scaffold walkway. It was extremely ridiculously stupidically fun.
  After a fair-sized walk we arrived at One Red Dog. A waitress showed us to our table and we sat down and looked at the drinks menu. As I predicted earlier, I ordered a raspberry spider. It was amazingly tasty. After drinks we ordered food. We got a three little pigs pizza, a hawaiian pizza, and a pepperoni pizza. It took a while, but eventually they came. We stuffed ourselves full, payed the bill, and left to have cake back home.

  It was really really really really fun. The best bit was probably a huge battle between cake and hanging out by the giant (I’m pretty sure they were) kina sculptures. It was soooo fun that if someone invented time travel I would go back and re-live that moment forever.

Tuesday, 26 September 2017

origami elephants

On the last week of Term 3 we made origami elephants for cultural week. We made one for each of our buddies and a small herd of them for ourselves. They were really cute. Don’t believe me? You can see for yourselves… The elephants were really fun to make and play with and they were pretty hard to make. I’m really glad we made them. By Anna.

Monday, 25 September 2017

Indian Cultural Week

Children coming to Room 3 during rotation will make a 'stained glass' elephant.

Indian Cultural Week

Our Class Rangoli

We decided to use the image of a peacock as the peacock is the national bird of India. The Rangoli is by our door to welcome people to Room 3.

Wednesday, 20 September 2017

How To Wear a Sari

On Tuesday Harshida came to Room 3 and showed us a couple of different ways to put on a sari. She also brought some clothing men might wear.

Saturday, 16 September 2017


Recently we did some writing about what we might do if we could fly. Here is Anna's piece of writing.


I soared through the air, skimming mountaintops that had been turned gorgeous gold by the stunning sunset. Bloodied hands had left red streaks across the sky and the clouds were pure beauty.
As I glided through the last, pitiful rays of the sunlight I remembered the series of events that had led up to this, me cruising through the air, searching endlessly for Sanspell.
First, the graveyard and the strange, silver light that was the middle-age spirit of my dead uncle Cyril. His arms, embracing me warmly, his dying voice, whispering his final request before he faded, an icicle from the Bloodtree in Sanspell. And finally, the tender kiss he had planted upon my cheek, sealing our love for each other.
I sighted an icy land, beyond the sun, beyond the human race. This land was Sanspell. A tall tree loomed out of the whiteness. I landed softly and paced in a circle, marvelling the graceful beauty of the Bloodtree.
I snapped an icicle of a low-hanging branch and took off, soaring high above the setting sun in the direction of the graveyard.
As I landed softly the silver light appeared and formed into the shape of Cyril. He embraced me and took the icicle, whispering “thank you, my child. Goodbye.” On that note he stiffened, holding the icicle to his chest. Both he and the icicle turned to dust and blew away on the breeze. A single tear ran down my cheek. “Goodbye.”

Friday, 1 September 2017

Wellington Symphony Orchestra Visit

I felt confused as to why there were only seven musicians.
I heard Hannah, the presenter, introducing the musicians.
I saw people playing their instruments.
I wondered what they would play.
I heard them playing music with rocks, and then yowling in pain because of their bruises.
I felt the jazz worming it’s way into my ears.
I saw the tuba emitting low notes.
I wondered when they would be coming back and if it would be when I’m still at this school.



As I entered the hall I saw seven people wearing black. They were surrounded by many different musical instruments .
I felt vibration, the floor was shaking like crazy. I also felt pain in my stomach, so it wasn’t much fun jumping.
I heard “Smells like Teen Spirit” again, which I haven’t heard in ages. I also heard Justin timberlake.
I Wondered if they were going to play more rock.
I wished they played “Black Dog”.


We were sitting down in the hall for orchestra.
Until Hannah (the first person who spoke)
Started talking.
I saw a drum kit, I imagined me playing on it (maybe the new song me and Sam made it's called the Highway).
I wondered if we'll make a school band and I'll be the drummer.
I heard the best song ever!
Smells Like Teen Spirit. Me and Sam sung the whole song, Fact: smells like teen spirits was the first song Oscar heard in his life :) .
I felt epicly sick (bro)
I wish I could play on those drums near the drummer Jerome.



The orchestra #awesome !!!!!!

It was funny that there were only 7people- is this even an orchestra?
Hannah was the leader, she started to talk.
I stopped talking to my friend Sean.
The musicians made rock music by clashing rocks together ROCK MUSIC!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
When they were clashing the rocks they hit their fingers on the rocks and they shouted oowwwww!!!!!!!! And that made all the juniors laugh.
The orchestra let us join in by stomping our feet in time with some music.
They played some awesome music like Nirvana, Star Wars and Justin Timberlake .
I saw drum kits, a tuba, two trumpets, a french horn, a didgeridoo and a Samoan drum.



On Tuesday an orchestra came to school.
I heard them hitting rocks together.
My favorite instrument was a Didgeridoo it made a really loud noises like the wind  blowing in a hollow house.
The drum was really loud along with the trumpets.
I was impressed with the music and it takes a lot to impress me
They played one of my favorite songs Smells Like Teen Spirit.
I Liked the orchestra THE END!

By toby


When I went in the hall, I saw a musician with rocks in his hands, he put them on the ground.
After they got prepared, they introduced themselves.
Next they introduced their instruments and the sounds of them.
My favourite instrument was the drums because I played them for two years.
Then they played a drum beat and asked us to stomp in time with it, I thought it was fun.
After they did that, they told us about the begining of music till the present music.
The first type of music they introduced was caveman music but they said it was called ROCK music!



I heard people screaming the lyrics of one of Justin Timberlake’s songs. Everyone loved it.   
I felt the noise piercing my ears like knifes soaring through the air.
I saw an instrument nobody was playing and I really wanted to play on it.
I wondered where they were performing it next. I wanted them to stay.
I wished they would play more music.
I liked the didgeridoo.  
The music was awesome,I was awestruck!



I heard Smells Like Teen Spirit as  I laid down some funky beats with Oscar.

I wondered if they would play Come As You Are?

I heard the best song in universe!!!!!!!!!!!

I saw Hannah head banging.

I saw the round tuba.

I heard I’ve Got A Feeling.

I felt amazed!

I felt happy



As I walked into the hall I wondered if they would let us dance.
I saw all kinds of Instruments like a sliding trombone,Tuba,Trumpets and a drum kit. I even saw an animal horn!
I heard songs I knew and songs I did not know. I heard caveman music with rocks - ROCK MUSIC!
I felt the vibrations when everyone stomped.
I saw spit valves being poured onto the floor. It was gross!
I heard rude noises through the tube and funnel.
I wished they could stay longer.
I wished I could play as well as them one day.
I wondered if they would ever come back.